3 Practical Recommendations On Problems Analysis of Blow Molding Products Cooling The Apparent Guide

The easiest method to control blow molding products cooling time?

While extrusion blow molding, the blowing of embryo along with the cooling within the product are synchronized.

Aside from a really short outgassing time, the blowing length of the embryo is really nearly as good since the cooling length of the product.

The product cooled time directly affects the product performance and production efficiency.

Non-uniform cooling might make the shrinkage of products and parts different.

This means you will cause warp of products and skew of bottleneck.

To avoid plastic from deforming because of elastic recovery, the cooling length of blow molded products is usually longer.

Usually 1/3-2/three in the molding cycle. The cooling time is dependent upon the plastic variety along with the kind of the product.

For instance, polyethylene with low thermal conductivity needs longer cooling time than polypropylene sticking with the same thickness underneath the same conditions.

Usually while using the increase of wall thickness, the cooling time is prolonged.

The easiest method to control mold temperature with the product cooled.

The key factor of mold temperature control may be the temperature setting of blow molding mold.

Ensure product wealthy in performance, good size stability, shorter molding cycle time, lower energy consumption and fewer waste.

So that the quality of product, the temperature of mold should distribution evenly.

And make sure the item cooled evenly of product with the cooling process.

Mold weather conditions are generally maintained at 20-50 levels.

When the mold temperatures are not enought, it’ll reduce extension of plastic at clamp instead of appropriate for blowing. It is sometimes complicated to mold too. The outline and pattern within the product aren’t also apparent.

The mold weather conditions are excessive, the cooling serious amounts of the cycle is prolonged. At this time, when the cooling isn’t enough, when they go to the merchandise from mold and deformation, shrinkage increase, along with the surface isn’t lustrous.

Mold temperature is dependent upon volume of plastic. Once the glass transition temperature of plastics is high, greater mold temperature may be used otherwise, the mold temperature may be decreased whenever feasible.

To boost cooling effect, Yankang Plastic Machinery in the perception of Cooling Tower that outfitted with blow molding machine. The filler includes high-quality polypropylene raw material to create an inclined wave plate to boost the cooling effect by disbursing water-spraying area. And thru the rotation water distribution or pipe-type water distribution, to attain uniform water distribution and lift the cooling effect.