Follow up with an email: what to write in an email to attract the client’s attention

What should be done to make customers continue to be interested in the offered products, and each piece of newsletters will attract attention, be read, and form a positive image of the sender. This difficult task for the sender can be solved in different ways or by a synthesis of different solutions. Experts from Reply have written about how to implement an effective follow up emails in more detail. They thoroughly studied the peculiarities of influencing the customer by means of follow up with an email after the first one. But we’ll focus on an alternative version of the content of the emails. 

It’s a priceless letter: try to add value to the message every time

An important part of an effective letter, including the second and subsequent ones, is finding the best possible way to reach your potential customer. You should add value by increasing the value of the product/service offered with each successive action. Each new published version of the appeal is required to bring additional value to potential customers. You will have to work hard to do this:

  • gather more information about them – hobbies, interests, financial security;
  • the opportunity to gain important advantages over others;
  • offer something important and valuable to them;
  • show that the number of clients increases, and the potential client can join a successful company by buying a successful product – a product or service;
  • show the results of your work, which will be interesting to all, share valuable and relevant, objective feedback.
  • success, results, or testimonials.

And to begin with, it is worth thinking about the first line of such an appeal.

The first word is more valuable than gold

The first line should be catchy, explaining and engaging at the same time. You should start with an intriguing or relevant question. And you should also try to catch the relationship of the product, which is offered to purchase and solve the problem, the potential customer. A recent trigger event will be needed to make a vivid association of the product and the need to respond. You don’t want to start an email with “Just wanted to take a few minutes of your time…”, “we have a good offer, but in general we work as before…”. Avoiding boilerplate ideas is also always and everywhere worthwhile. It’s a sure way to end up in spam or go unread.

Brevity is the way to success

And the most important point. Numerous studies by sociologists show that brevity is the right way to success. Politeness is a must, but it can easily be achieved by using a faithful and concise writing style.

Getting response on email: quick help to restore dialogue with the buyer

Platitudes, aggression, and minimal usefulness. All of these are undoubted components of a poor style of email offers for newsletters. Besides these obvious signs of a poorly prepared email newsletter, there are others that you should be aware of and avoid in every possible way. For more details on how to get a response, read a great analysis by experts from Reply. We will add some new and interesting comments to these useful tips from experts, which can help you to restore the dialog with your potential customer.