Handy guide to convert GIF to MP4

convert GIF to MP4

GIF images are simply cool! They are fun, peppy and always add an extra zing to your message. Do you too love send GIFs to your near and dear ones? That’s great. But one thing- GIF editing is little challenging. You can’t pause or stop the animation or even resize it. Video players are unable to open GIFs and most image reader systems are not exactly compatible with these image formats. The best solution here is to convert GIF to MP4. But, how to do that? Well, you have image and video converter programs today that will help you with the conversion.

Here is a handy guide on converting GIF into MP4 with the help of a video converter software.

Download & install the program

First, you will have to download and install the video conversion program in your system. Before you choose a one, make sure to take a comparative survey on at least 4-5 potential programs to find the most compatible one for you. If you want expert suggestions, AnyConv and Movavi would be a good options for you. These programs assures at least 70-81% more conversion speed compared to other converter programs and that too without loss of quality.

Add images to the program

After you have installed the program, it’s time to add your GIF images to the program window. Look for a tab like “Add Media”. Click on it and from there go to “Add Images”. The program may even allow you to drag & drop your GIF files straight to program window from your system folder.

Select video format

Now, we have reached at the main stage of the process. This is where we will choose the format in which you will convert the video. As mentioned earlier, we will choose the MP4 format here. The said format is easily compatible with most of the multimedia devices and hence would be great option.

Open up “Video” tab and open the preset group. Look for the “MP4” option and click on it. You may need to alter the bitrate or frame size of your output video and the video conversion program will allow all such facilities. If you want these changes, look for the “Cogwheel” symbol. Click on it and perform the desired changes.

Begin the conversion

Now, we have reached at the final stage of our conversion process and we will actually commence the conversion process here. But before that, you should know your video converter program will store the converted video in its own library. However, if you want you can make it save the output video right into your system folder.  For that, you will have to specify the desired system folder for the output video beforehand. So, look for the “Folder” tab and click on it to choose your target folder. After you are done, you can finally click on “Convert” tab to begin the conversion process. Your converter program will convert the GIF video into MP4 and save it directly on your chosen folder.