How To Apply For Cash On Delivery Service?

Cash on delivery (เก็บ เงิน ปลายทาง, which is the term in Thai) is a parcel delivery service. In the case of parcel delivery service, the customer always remains on the safer side. They need not worry about money fraud because customers don’t have to pay, and the initiative is taken through the parcel. Many transport companies have invented this new service. Cash-on-delivery services are a well-known service nowadays due to the advanced use of social networking sites. We prefer buying products online and applying for cash on delivery. It is the best service for an online seller. Know more about it below.

How To Apply For Cash On Delivery Service?

Cash on delivery (ส่ง ของ เก็บ เงิน ปลายทาง, which is the term in Thai) services can be applied using two processes. Apply using the website, or you can visit the nearest branch. Before applying, you must carry an ID card, Bangkok Bank passbook, and contact details like phone number and e-mail. Using this will take one hour the service; you must wait one more hour. Once you receive an SMS to verify your phone number, you are done with it. Now you can easily click on the menu and apply for cash on delivery service.

The second method to apply is using Thailand post. You need to pay a 3% fee, and the Thailand post will deduct the service fee. The time duration required to complete the whole process is three days. You can apply for a Thailand post by clicking the website and using the cash-on-delivery service. It will take 5 minutes to process, and within three days, you will get all the features.

What Are The Advantages Of Cash On Delivery?

Cash on delivery service provides various advantages. No cash dependency means customers do not have to carry some money to receive the parcel. An online digital payment option is the best option in this scenario. The company that provides cash-on delivery options is already ahead in this competitive world. It increases the chances for the consumer to buy the product and is also one of the excellent marketing strategies.

Building trust is also one of the advantages. Selling the product and receiving immediate payment will develop confidence among potential customers. The maintenance of security is also one of the most significant advantages. Without any financial information, customers can assure trust and safety and be aware of fraud. The customer can pay once they receive the product, and there is no risk of losing money.

Opt for cash on delivery service and order any product immediately. Buying the online product will assure the best quality and Quantity.