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BudgetVM Reviews: Important Things before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Are you planning to put your hard-earned money into purchasing a domain and get it hosted on a server? Well, doing that is not a simple thing to do because to run a website on the web, you need to undergo a certain process, and also you would have to pay money for that.

In this guide, you will find the best tips that will show you a pathway before making your final purchase for a web hosting company.

Purchasing hosting services can be a daunting task for you if you are not aware of the vital features that you need to take note of, once you will get knowledge about these features choosing task will be easy.

Here are the few points you should look into:

  1. Server Space

If you ever thing to purchase hosting services, the foremost thing that you need to take into account is server space provided by the hosting company. You should have an idea of what your business goals are and how much space would be sufficient for your website. As per my recommendation, it is vital to have a minimum of 50GB of space. If a service provider offers you less than this space, you need to think twice about it by keeping your business need in mind.

  • Bandwidth

Bandwidth is simple words in the volume of traffic that could be sent on a particular network at a specific time. Therefore, you need to check how much bandwidth you required for your website. As per my suggestion, it should at least be 1 GB or more. If it is less than 1 GB, you might experience issues later with the website when it will grow, especially in peak hours when many visitors view the site at the same time.

  • Secure File Transfer Alternatives

Learning how to choose web hosting is also about learning the importance of FTP support. As with the advancement of technology, hackers have become more sophisticated. Therefore, efficient FTP support or other secure file transfer alternatives are required for all necessary files to be uploaded much faster to the site. Not all service providers offer such support, so it is crucial to ask this first so that businesses can move their vital data to a secure shell if required.

  • File Upload Size

Lastly, take into consideration the maximum file upload. Many providers have set a size limit on files that you can upload on that serve. Hence, if the files you want to upload on your website are bigger than the limit set by the host, it will create problems for you later. You want to choose a web host that would allow extensive file uploads to minimize problems when setting up your website.


There are many free web-hosting providers, but know that in place of giving you free hosting, they will most likely put banner ads on your site. They will profit from these banners each time it is clicked on your site.

This may leave a terrible impression on your visitors and might be discouraged to go back. Thus, you need to think twice before even making your decision. Furthermore, a website looks more professional if taken from a paid service provider.

BudgetVM is the Best Web Hosting Company to Cater Your Need

When it comes to choosing a reputed web hosting company, the name of BudgetVM comes first on the list. All the packages are designed by keeping their audience in mind. The prices of BudgetVM’s web hosting packages vary as per the need for a diverse customer base.

Here are a few reasons to choose to host from BudgetVM

  • Safety of their client’s data is their utmost priority. Further, there is no limit on how much storage space, web addresses need to be hosted, along with email account, and FTP accounts available.

  • They have an easy-to-use user interface(C-Panel) that you can use even without having a piece of deep technical knowledge. This way they assure enough customer satisfaction for the service.

  • The plus point is they are easily available to resolve their clients’ queries in terms of email contact, live chat and through phone call. Their friendly representatives handle clients with great efforts.

  • The company has everything required for transfer  file protocol. Allows the customer to have an unlimited account for file transfer protocol. File transfer protocol access is countless with BudgetVM.

A Brief Overview of BudgetVM’s Hosting Plans

Cloud Servers

Features of Cloud Servers:

  • The server is efficient to handle greater to moderate traffic
  • Scalable with on-demand resource availability
  • Full root access to further control on the server
  • Excellent security features
  • Extra IP’s with additional charges
  • Full server management with Additional charges

cloud hosting budgetvm.png

Dedicated Servers

Features of dedicated hosting:

  • Maximum uptime guarantee
  • Add-on packages availability
  • Free migration assistance
  • Bandwidth upgrades option with additional charges
  • Server management with addition charges

dedicated busgetvm.png

 VPS SSD Servers

Features of VPS plans

  • Scalable packages
  • Customer support
  • Additional IP with charges
  • Server management with extra charges
  • DDoS Protection

ssd vps budgertvm.png

Window VPS

Features of VPS hosting packages:

  • DDoS protection
  • Full server management with $50
  • Additional IP’s with $1 per IP
  • Money-back guarantee

window budgetvm.png

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Final Words

Being keen on choosing can be time-consuming, as it may take a longer time for you to finally get the best SSD VPS Server. Through the above suggestions, you can consider taking services from BudgetVM as experts there are always ready to assist you with the best services.