Winning Tactics For Best IP Transit Services

IP transit is an important way of providing Internet access for all types of businesses. If you are looking for IP transit services, below is more information to help you make your next Internet connectivity decision.

IP transit has several advantages over other common Internet access types.

First, IP transit has better peering than the alternatives. It peers with other ISPs and connects directly to their networks. So, the Internet service provider cuts the number of steps or hops it needs to get to hosts on the partner’s network.

For instance, if an ISP does not directly peer with the network related to a destination, it has to put the request through a Tier 1 Internet service provider to get to that destination. This is a less direct route and will introduce more steps because the IP packets must go through more Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks. This will increase processing time and lower throughput.

Second, IP transit has several advantages to companies that host their IT infrastructure with their desired transit provider.

Because of the design of the typical transit service, services and applications that are hosted with the IP transit provider integrate seamlessly into a type of local network. So, the service will get a transfer speed almost equal to a LAN.

An IP transit customer can use the IP circuit of the provider to get LAN access to remote and local infrastructure.

Third, an IP transit service offers redundant connectivity. With regular business Internet access, all traffic goes through one physical connection. But IP transit is built to have several physical access paths from the provider network to the office of the customer.

Redundant connectivity means you are less likely to have a service disruption. Enterprise switching is set up at the business location and takes several fiber lines that are run to that location. The redundant lines let instant failover to occur if one connection cuts out or degrades in quality.

Providers are encouraged to keep uptime because billing depends on the bandwidth the customer uses. To make sure all IP transit service customers are online, all network components have systems that are redundant. Or, there is software in place to keep networks functioning.

When your business is searching for its next Internet service provider,it is wise to consider IP transit services for the best service. You’ll have more reliable and faster Internet, which is so important for every company.