How to Watch TikTok Content?

A video stream from all clips in the application is available if you go to the “Home” tab. At the same time, almost the entire screen is occupied by the video itself. At the bottom and on the right are clickable icons of various sections of TikTok. Download any video you like without watermarks and other icons on your phone and computer using tiktok video downloader.

TikTok App Feed

The feed is viewed by swiping up or down. Tap once on the screen and the video will stop, the second time will continue. Below the video is information about the author, hashtag, and information about music from the video on TikTok. You can go to the author’s profile and see information about him, other videos.

While viewing the feed, the user can switch between the Subscriptions and Recommended tabs. All elements are accessible in mobile applications for iOS and Android, it doesn’t have a web variant. The application interface is very much like Instagram. At the lower part of the screen, there is a board with catches of 5 areas:

  • Home – new posts from clients you follow are shown here.
  • Interesting – a section with famous recordings and proposals.
  • Make your own video.
  • Information section.
  • “I” is the profile page.

Popular among TikTok clients are matched recordings, the “two-part videos”. Generally speaking, one member repeats the activities of another, carry-on scenes, or one of the clients records his response from watching a clasp of another. Fundamentally, the substance of the platform has an entertainment purpose.

Challenge is a sort of recordings where clients perform different undertakings and offer to rehash them. TikTok consistently throws groundbreaking thoughts for challenges, such as a “master” – you need to shoot a video, accomplishing your day-by-day work obligations. You can encounter many other challenges.