NetbaseQuid: Up the Bottomline with Social Listening Tools

Many companies offer marketing intelligence analysis, including media listening tools, but NetbaseQuid is the standout for companies small and large. With customers like Coca-Cola, iHeart Media, Walmart, Warner Brothers, and more – they have a solid, proven track record. Collecting social media intelligence for making a whole host of decisions makes “flying by the seat of your pants” a mistake.

With fierce competition, it is imperative to have an ongoing analysis of what customers are saying, thinking, buying, and their motivations. Compiling and analyzing the social media landscape is a tool every marketer needs.

Social Listening Tools – Hyper Surveys

Random surveys rely on estimations of opinions and structured questions, and surveys are costly to be accurate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) social listening tools collect massive data sets and break out analysis for humans to refine. AI programs can constantly collect data and see real-time trends; programming can be refined and adjusted as needed.

Building brand awareness is no longer a shot in the dark. It is easier to know what the opinion leaders, customers in love with the brand, and the detractors are thinking and saying. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content is more accurate when creators know critical keywords and phrases the customers are using. The analysis tells where to put the brand name in the social media free-for-all.

SEO Content on Target

Social media analysis uses complex data and makes no assumptions. Every social media platform attracts a different demographic. For example, Facebook generally attracts older groups, whereas TicTok attracts a younger audience. Every content creation can be tailored to a specific demographic and media platform – targeting those most likely to help build the brand and convert to buying products. SEO content is all the more powerful when keywords are specific to the demographic and advertising is fine-tuned.

One of the more beneficial aspects of social listening tools is knowing the competition. The data collected can easily include the precise positioning of competitors. If the competition is doing better and known to your organization, a specific angle of attack can be conducted. Often, the best attack is to adopt their tactic(s), improving your position. If they are failing somehow, that can be exploited for your company’s benefit.

Getting the Story Right

Social media contains misinformation and accurate information. Also, some will love the product, and others are haters. Humans scouring social media data was error-riddled with assumptions and biases back in the day.

AI social listening tools identify, quantify and objectify the data. From that point, marketing managers can develop a sound strategy and act. Misinformation can be countered, and good information reinforced. The data will tell the haters’ thinking and pain points, the first step to reconciling with the lost customers. Those who love the product can be encouraged.

Getting it Right Every Time

Social listening tools and good consultants are more than an investment. Razor-thin profit margins and the competition requires knowing your customers and potential customers. Knowing the competition has always been a part of doing business, but now technology has become indispensable for companies of any size. NetbaseQuid is the TEC company with the technology and experts to interpret the mass data, fine-tune the social listening tools, and tailor the outcomes to the unique conditions of the company – every time.