What Are The Advantages of Using IPTV Over Cable TV Or Satellite TV?

Hardly can we manage to sit in front of the TV comfortably these days and watch our favorite shows. Neither do we get that time nor do we feel to sit in front of the TV after working for long hours or by leaving aside our smartphone.

However, the emergence of IPTV has eased our trouble a lot! One can easily watch TV shows or even any movie or series on any device according to their convenience. Even though most of us are habituated to handling cable TV or satellite TV, not many are well-versed with all of its features. So let us get to know the three types of TVs in a broader way:

Cable TV

We don’t really know much about cable tv except the fact that it delivers its service through hybrid fiber-coaxial networks. But did you ever really think of the fact that how many bucks do you pay to your cable operator on a monthly or yearly basis? And you get access to just a handful of channels out of so many!

However, those days are finally gone and we don’t need to rely on the cable distributors if we are not comfortable with their packages and plans.


Satellite TVs come in two forms: TVRO and DBS. We already did come to know that the cable service providers receive a satellite broadcast at the starting which is further changed and distributed to the customers.

However, the satellite TV receives the signals from a satellite dish and it gets modulated and travels through a set-top box which finally decodes and displays the shows and other contents.


IPTV subscription is one of the most promising service providers of this era as it offers users to view a wide range of shows and live broadcasts and even saved videos at an affordable rate. Besides these, the user also has the option to choose the content to which they want to access from all around the globe.

There are a number of things to consider for determining which of the service providers are the best among all of the three. However, awareness about technology and availability are the two main things that the users need to know about before choosing their service provider.