Data Erasure Definition: Everything to Know

Data Erasure Definition

Data erasure is crucial if you want to protect your information when getting new devices. Consumers lost over $5 billion in 2021 because of fraud! The chances are good that you or someone you know has become a victim of identity theft.

When it comes to data erasure definition, there are some points you should know. Keep reading to learn all about data destruction and protecting your valuable information.

Concerns for Deleting Data

Many organizations use technology for their business processes. That involves private data that their customers provide to the company.

When it is time to remove old hardware and applications, what happens to all that data? Many hackers use the tools of data recovery to steal money and private information.

Deleting data may work well when switching from one application to another. It does not work when disposing of the devices.

Data includes binary numbers. It gets separated into sections of ones and zeros. Deleting or formatting data has nothing to do with the permanent removal of data.

When businesses don’t know that deleting data is different from data erasure, it puts a company at risk. It exposes data to unauthorized users. The same holds true for getting rid of personal electronics.

Data Erasure Definition

To many people, the data erasure definition means the same thing as deleting data from a device. Most of us have removed documents from computers and sent them to the trash bin. Taking it a step further would involve deleting them from the trash bin.

Deleting data has to do with creating storage space for the user. It will not destroy information. Data erasure is the only process that can keep confidential information safe.

The erasure definition takes data removal to a more technical level. That is the process of overwriting data to remove it. It is complete data destruction because it sanitizes the data and makes it unusable.

The computer drives can get used by another person without any trace of previous data. Hardware can get used again without data breach concerns. It makes moving devices between users safe.

Data Destruction Solution

Since the erasure definition includes wiping sensitive data, companies need certified solutions. Data destruction must take place before any hardware leaves the company site.

Data clearing experts will use specific software that runs overwriting patterns. The erased data can never get accessed again. It leaves no trace as if it was never present on the device.

With Certus ITAD, all sensitive data gets removed following local compliance regulations. To ensure the data wiping process was successful, the companies should obtain data erasure certificates. There should be one for each device that had data removal.

Secure Data Erasure

The erasure definition means getting rid of unwanted data forever, preventing information leaks. One of the safest ways to mitigate data breaches is to use a data destruction company.

When rendering data unrecoverable, you must target critical areas and leave others intact. An experienced data erasure team can make it easy and keep the company informed of any crucial issues.

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