Everyone Likes HONOR 20 Pro

HONOR 20 Pro has been greatly upgraded and changed compared with previous products. In terms of the appearance design and its internal software. And its change is a qualitative leap. As the best HONOR phone at present, this mobile phone has good cost performance and flagship configuration.’

The advent of HONOR 20 Pro seems to have broken the rule that no photos can be taken at night. The powerful configuration enables it to use various zoom skills in the night shooting environment. The rear camera of HONOR 20 Pro further breaks through the distance limit. 0.6 X-30X high range zoom. It has a complete coverage of 17-776 mm focal length. Through dual OIS optical anti-shake, four-in-one pixels, laser focusing, AIS hand-held super night scene, ISO supports 204800 and other technologies in professional mode. In terms of hardware level and function points, it can meet various night shooting needs of professional photographers.

Both the HONOR 20 Pro and the HONOR 20 are equipped with a separate 2-megapixel macro lens. But unlike HUAWEI P30, this macro lens does not support 3x zoom. And the best distance of 4cm needs to be maintained. You need to adjust the distance and then choose the best shooting point to shoot.

At the hardware level, HONOR 20 Pro is equipped with Kirin 980 processor. This reaches the first-class level in the industry. In terms of memory, 8 GB started and ran smoothly. Flash memory has 256 GB of space. It can store 62,000 photos or 26,000 songs.

In terms of screen, HONOR 20 Pro carries a 6.26-inch screen. It is made of IPS material and has a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels. The pixel density is 412ppi. The instant visual impact of lighting the screen is shocking. The screen proportion of the whole machine is 91.76%. It improves the visual experience of users.

There is no need to worry the smoothness of the system. On the one hand, Kirin 980 chip is one of the most powerful 7 nm mobile phone chips at present. On the other hand, the HONOR 20 series are fully equipped with GPU Turbo 3.0. And HONOR 20 Pro comes standard with 8 GB of storage. HONOR 20 Pro is equipped with graphene heat dissipation technology. It enables the mobile phone to withstand the performance explosion. Keep the mobile phone at a comfortable temperature. Don’t worry about fever.

HONOR 20 Pro uses EMUI 9.1 operating system based on Android 9. For EMUI, many users must be familiar with it. The newly adopted Ark compiler has brought a very smooth experience.

With Kirin 980’s powerful AI processing capability, YOYO intelligent life can complete operations such as map reading and shopping, calorie recognition, full-screen translation, intelligent object recognition, etc. It is good for consumers who want to lost weight and often go abroad.

For HONOR 20 Pro, the biggest bright spot is taking photos. For taking photos, its comprehensive qualities have reached the leading position in the industry.