Photographic Proposals To Do At Home

The word confinement, or isolation, confinement, quarantine, etc., is new to no one, in much of the world. It is what we have had to live. Since we like to see problems as opportunities, we have changed the editorial calendar to bring you a few proposals to take photography at home, so that the coronavirus does not separate you from your camera.

So let’s change the chip and think about how many times we have complained about not having time to practice with our beloved camera. How many times have you thought that you wish you had more time to dedicate to your favourite hobby? Both begging him, for better or for worse, the time has come. If you have to be at home, take it as an opportunity to carry out any of these proposals that I bring you.


Do you want to practice photography at home? Here are photographic exercises to do without having to leave.

On the other hand, do you know that you have a lot of photographic accessories at home? It is time to look for them and practice with them.


This is another exercise you can do these days. I put it aside because it deserves special mention and because you can see it from different prisms, self-portrait alone or with your little one / s.

Reconcile Yourself With Your Camera’s Instruction Manual

Answer honestly, have you read it? Surely you answer no, if it is yes, I will wave you, I already tell you. If not, I understand you. But you no longer have an excuse. If you don’t have it on hand, chances are you’ll find it here.

Photographic Cinema

The above may seem too dense, and you need a bit of relaxation afterwards. Luckily, it is time also to enjoy a good movie or an excellent documentary on photography, those that you have wanted to see for so long but for one thing or another until now you have not had time, and don’t forget to use to add more to your photo.