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Ways to improve the listing of your Medical Website on Google

Google is a platform that provides endless information. You can Google anything you doubt, and you will have your solution on the screen. From hair fall to heart attack, Google has everything. You need to search your concerned query. It is a search engine that provides you with the most relevant data needed regarding your query.  

As much of a widely famous platform, it can be a little daunting when it comes to publishing your own website on Google. You can get lost with loads of content available already, the same as yours. Sometimes it can be better than yours or more known. There are thousands of existing websites that have already released the same content that you have planned. Medical content is also a popular topic for creating websites. 

You can have your own bariatric website design or paediatrician website. But how can you increase your visitors and hold them onto your content? Here are some medical website design tips for bariatric surgeons who want to publish their content on Google. It is equally beneficial for anyone who wants to create their own website. Following are some tips to get your medical website on top of Google – 

Fast and secure website

You don’t just have a 4G network today; you also live a life that is pacing like a superfast network. Nobody has time to wait, so your website should be able to match up the speeding pace. It should be fast and secure as well. Your website should get loaded within 3 seconds, and it should support HTTPS security. 


As it defines your content, you should use a keyword research strategy. It is a crucial factor that determines the success of any Search Engine Optimization campaign. Your content should be able to give an idea of the subject matter through Keywords. Also, it should be mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed from smartphones. 

Quality content

After all the technical factors, you should be mindful of your core factor: the content you are offering. People visit your website to read, and you should provide them with facts and information relevant to their search. It should be engaging and compact at the same time so that visitors bookmark your website as a good source of information that will increase your rankings online.  

Social sharing

Promoting your work is an integral part of success. You should share your website content as posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. It will automatically boost your rankings online, and visitors will be able to share those pages as well.