New Age of Earbuds Are Coming With All the Supports for You

Listening to music during exercise is a source of motivation that many athletes use to stay focused during exercise. When we practice a sporting activity, we move, a lot even. Hence the importance of equipping yourself with wireless headphones that will not bother you during the effort can’t be overlooked. Several brands, such as Huawei for example, are making wireless a selling point for athletes. If you buy so-called “wireless” headphones for playing soccer, going to the gym or any other activity, we recommend that you pay attention to three main criteria. With huawei earbuds freebuds 3  the options become perfect.

  • The first, the battery. Indeed, nothing is more annoying than not having music to listen to during sport because our phone or earphone battery is flat.
  • The second is the ergonomics and design of the product. Nothing is more unpleasant than playing sports with equipment that bothers you during the effort or that does not please you visually.
  • Finally, if you practice a physical activity in a very noisy place, choose wireless headphones equipped with ANC, with noise reduction.


Adding an element such as comfort to this buying guide can seem like duplication with the design. Indeed, the first clearly depends on the second, but it is all the same important to linger there. Indeed, a good construction does not necessarily mean that comfort is present. We can end up with high-performance headphones whose shape allows optimal practice, but which remains unpleasant to wear.

The ears are a very special part of the body as they differ from each other. It is therefore quite possible that headphones suitable for a large number of people may not be suitable for you. So do not rely 100% on each other’s claims about comfort. The shape, the weight, the material everything must be taken into account, but the reactions will be different for each person. The only real way to know if using a product is right for you is to try it.

End Caps

We don’t think about it often, but ear tips are a big part of wireless headphones. Too small or too soft, they will not provide enough grip for the ears. Above all, this will have an impact not only on comfort: they will fall off easily. In addition, it will allow surrounding noise to pass through, deteriorating the user’s sound experience. Moreover, this poor grip is one of the negative points of AirPods.

To remedy tips that are poorly adjusted to the morphology of your ears, you can always opt for replacement options available on the market. However, this option remains limited due to the need to use a charging box for most true wireless models on the market. However, these boxes are often unsuitable for tips other than those with which the pair of devices was delivered.

So, before buying wireless headphones, you will need to make sure that their tips are suitable for your ears. Some manufacturers even offer ear-fin. These small accessories wrap around the earbuds to increase their grip. In this way, you will be able to take full advantage of your new connected objects and your playlist.

Material and Workmanship

Sure, you can expect better workmanship and a longer service life from higher-priced headphones. Which materials you prefer is of course a matter of taste. Leather upholstery is usually very soft and durable. But vegans will probably choose artificial leather instead of lambskin upholstery. Apart from the material, the clean workmanship is much more important.

The Price

The price is only to a certain extent an indicator of the quality of a headphone. Sure, very cheap parts for a few dollars will definitely not become your favorite headphones. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a pair for 600 dollars is better than one for 200 dollars or at least not so much better that the extra charge is worth it.